Fresh off the capture and reveal of Verona--I mean, Neph-- the girls are on the road again. With Ignacio Durendal’s mercenaries in tow they’ll stumble upon a tiny hamlet full of lights, sights, and possible frights. Don’t eat the food, don’t look too close, but do be sure to stick around for the Main Event.

Featuring: Paella, Nervous Breakdowns, Dragon Butchery, Tarot Readings, and 3 very stupid, very destined young heroes. 


CWs: Gore (descriptive and brief sound effect @ around 1:12)  

Sometimes, you just can’t deal. Sometimes, it all comes crashing down on you. 

Featuring: Verona Titanic and the City Chase. 

CW: Unsanitary discussion

February 5, 2020

Episode 31: Here Be Dragons

At long last, it’s time to descend to the core of the mountain—and the core of the mystery, as our heroes find some connections may lay (or strike) closer to home...

Featuring: investigative journalism, opinions on interior decor, and a whole lotta heart.

Content warning for non-graphic gore and body horror.

The girls continue their adventure through this seemingly endless dungeon. Now having a cursed item on hand though serves to make things a little more difficult. 

Verona starts a business, Ghr’Kash did start the fire, and Verity takes a nap. 

CW: Spiders 

There are skeletons in this dragon’s closet, as our destined heroes head ever deeper into the mountain and its ancient secrets. 

Featuring: ghost talk therapy, the elevator music of the cosmos, and a refreshing bath.

Continuing their hunt for treasure and glory, the girls delve deeper into the haunted past of this lonely encampment. But will what they find there be shocking?

Featuring: ghost romance, the perils of just grabbing things, and Cast Fireball.

CW: Unsanitary discussion 

December 9, 2019

Episode 27: Zut, Oh Lore?

Our intrepid heroes continue their trek through the ancient mountain fortress picking up history, tchotchkes, interpersonal skills, and some killer fashion along the way. 

Verity has some hymn time, Ghr'Kash helps out, and Verona, unsurprisingly, gets mad. 

Our intrepid heroes are brought once more to the Halls of Winter to receive guidance and prophecy from their godly mentors, this time in the form of more confusing metaphors. Slightly deflated from their fight against the twins, the girls set out to complete.... a favor for the citystate of Ulmit. Purely in the name of helping out. Gifted compensation highly encouraged (well, demanded). 

Featuring: Theatre references, loopholes, and definitely Not adventuring. 

November 12, 2019

Episode 25: Gâteau Blasté

Finally, the Nephvenom Twins' conflict comes to a head. Can the girls hack it against these famously lethal assassins? Can they muster up the willpower to keep their mouths shut when it's best for them? Will Kash get her socks back? Well, we never diss and tell. 

CW: guns, drowning, choking 

It's Post-Halloween, and a strange and awful team are delving into Malvak's canals on a search for treasure and enjoyment. It's up to Ciel, Geneviève, and Vittoria to withstand the many ghouls and ghosts they find there... if they don't kill each other first...

Note: this episode is something of a horror story, and thus is a little heavier than our regular episodes. Specific CWs: gore, child harm/death, body horror, drowning

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