September 24, 2019

Episode 24: Conflict Revolution

After Ghr'Kash challenges her mortal enemy (or, rather, high school frenemy) to a duel, the girls go about their normal shenanigans and once again end up fighting. Though, this time it's not the ones you'd think. 

Featuring: Children's card games, mutual bullying, and The Nephvenom's, In The Hallway, With The Dagger

Following the translation of the Winter map, the girls feel like so much still remains unexplained. Wishing to feel more accomplished, they set out to cross off more of their to-do list. Listen as they navigate negotiations, private schools, and maybe even living the high life. Maybe even two of the cast members do too, but hey, you can't prove that. 

CWs: Drug use

Our final episode of Summer Of EOB! The girls, having spent their morning in the library, close their reading journey on the steps of Ulmit's archives. Cracking open the fantastically ominous Tacet Ludum, they learn a little bit more about the stipulations of their prophecy. Their book club is interrupted though when Haum'boi and Click arrive to introduce the girls to a couple of old friends. Join them as they navigate symbolism, social skills, and a surprisingly strenuous reunion. 

(P.S.: You just lost the game.) 

Back from a night of revelrous dumbassery, the girls make there way into the crown jewel of Ulmit: the city's archive. Firmly anchoring themselves in the vast sea of knowledge, listen as the girls bravely face the very-soon-to-be known.  

Verity studies her history; Verona studies her self; Ghr'Kash breaks into the classics. 

After a long, arduous, antic-filled journey, the girls find themselves at the gates of the fantastical city-state of Ulmit. Join them as they, in their own special brand of hijinks, take the city by storm. 

Ghr'Kash puts her foot in her mouth. Verona gets theatric. Verity catches up on the news.  

Continuing their trek to Ulmit the girls are accosted by ruffians! Er—well, by the end of it the ruffians seem a lot more accosted than our heroes do. Join them as they navigate tragic backstories, panic attacks, and maybe even seeking out old enemies. 

CWs for very brief suicide and alcohol abuse mentions.

Our intrepid heroes finally get some well-deserved rest, and continue subtly maintaining their many covers.

Verity works through some familial worries. Verona gets a new role model. Ghr'kash finally says shit.

Things go pare-shaped as the girls descend gracefully into a beautiful art exhibition and engage in some light-fingered historical revisionism. Verity provides top notch emotional DPS, Ghr'kash compares a lot of chairs, and Verona is Absolutely Fine.

Content warnings for small animal death, alcohol abuse, and weed jokes.

Get ready to rumble! Following their investigation of the Newpost missing persons case, the gang takes some time to relax before enacting their rescue plan. That is, of course, after Verona and Haum’boi beat the snot out of each other.

Ghr’Kash participates from the peanut gallery, Verona gets a haircut, and Verity falls to mysterious injuries.

Content warning: graphic comedic violence.

The girls embark on an impromptu adventure, but will their detective instincts prove fruitful, or will they become the latest disappearances from a friendly small town?

Charity appraises cutlery. Veronica constructs the BEST PLAN. Caitlín practices conflict resolution.

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